Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello to family and friends and other interested parties,

My life here at the MTC has been exactly the same as in previous weeks. Have a nice day.

Anderson Elder.

P.S. I did just remember that we heard from an apostle of the Lord on Tuesday. His name was Elder Quentin L Cook. That was pretty cool. He said a lot of really good things and these are my favorite 3 points:
1) We cannot judge anyone on our missions or in our lives. It will get in the way of what the Lord wants us to do if we have any kind of preconceived notion of a person's personality or whatever else you might judge. Moroni 7 is a really good chapter about that. Specifically, read verse 18 but ponder it in respect to the fifteen verses before that too. It's kinda neat.

2) God will help us as missionaries find the people that He needs to carry out his work. Elder Cook told us a story about when he was on his mission and one night he and his companion were about to go home, when they got a prompting to stop and proselyte the block they were on. They stopped at 5 houses and 3 of the families got baptized and went on to become branch presidents and relief society presidents. On the other side of that, we have to know that our will is not always God's will. Just because we think that a person fits whatever bill we might think they fit, does not necessarily mean that they are ready or that they are the person that the Lord needs at that time. When our will becomes His will, we will be able to bear our burdens and trials more patiently and be more successful in whatever we choose to work for. D&C 46:30

3) Elder Cook quoted President Hinckley in saying that the more faith we have, the more successful we will be. We might measure success in a different way that the Lord does, but in the end, our faith is what decides how happy we are about it all.

Prophets are the best. we will probably be hearing form a few more in the next few weeks, so I'll be sure to keep you updated. 

So the other night, we celebrated a German holiday in my dorm room. We did it because my companion is from Germany and another one of our roommates is from Austria. Anyhow, it was St. Nicholas day. I guess in Germany, on the night of the 5th of December, they leave their boots outside and St. Nicholas brings them gifts. Then, on Christmas Eve, an angel comes and brings them all presents. So one of the days this week we left our shoes outside of our dorm room and someone totally left a bunch of candy and such in our shoes. It was awesome. I have a picture of it, but I still can't figure out how to send them too you. Sorry you'll just have to go without. 

I've been at the MTC for a whole month now and I can't hardly believe it. It feels like I just got here. However, I'm planning on stepping it up a notch and being a better, more diligent missionary. Társom and I will probably baptize everyone in Provo before we move on to Hungary. No big deal. 

Thanks for being so supportive. I got an awesome package last week with so many great letters and I loved it. I hope I hear more from you all. Email me you're mailing addresses so I can send you all letters. Or not. It's whatever. 

Love you.