Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

These are a couple pictures from recently. The first one (#baptismselfie) and last three are from Netti's baptism from this weekend. Zsolt baptized her and he was super nervous. Hes only been a member since last December and had never baptized anyone before. What a stud.

The second picture is of a buffalo. A real live buffalo in Europe. Can you believe it? Turns out thats a thing and they really have them here.

The next two pictures are of me, Elder Ekstrom, Zsolt and Panni néni. Shes the sweetest little old lady that ever there was. She was baptized by Elder Walker, who is Christina Walker's brother. Small world, right?
The next two are of Elder Ekstrom and I at this dinky little park. We took a break from tracting to have some fun on the teeter totter.

 These are pictures of us Elder Ekstrom and I cooking rakott krumpli at the
Szvoboda's house. They are a really great family here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 These are some pictures we took before we actually left Pápa. The one is me, Elder Rae, a member named Évike, and some sort of silly balloon.
 The other one is of one of our investigators that was really great. Her name is Éva and she has a monster dog named Zulu. I got a picture of him too. Hes so cute
 This is a couple that moved back to Pápa recently. They are super cool and we are eternally grateful they decided to stay in Pápa, because we certainly needed them in the branch.

This guys name is Jóci. He is the first counselor in the branch presidency and we got to spend a lot of time with him. He was reactivated relatively recently and hes super great. He thought it was super cool that I played guitar so thats why thats in the picture. Hes a bit of a rocker himself. He told us a story about when he pretended to be a roady and got into a bunch of big time concerts for free in Germany someplace. Hes a smart guy.
 This is another really communistic thing. Its a gigantic statue that is supposed to represent the fall of capitalism and the rise of communism. It sits on top of this hill that sort of looks out over Szombathely and everyone hates it, but its too expensive to tear down. Kinda cool.

So this is Szombathely. Im taking this picture from inside one of those ten story appartment buildings you can see off in the distance. They are super communistic, but the people tried to liven em up a bit with colors. It only kinda worked.

This is me  and Elder Rae at the train station saying goodbye. I miss that guy. He was a good companion.
Yeah, Szombathely.
There used to be two companionships of elders and one of sisters here in Szombathely, but right as I came, they closed down the other elder companionship, so its just the four of us now. However, the other elders' old apartment was super cool and you could go out on the roof and see a super cool view of Szombathely. That's what these pictures are of.
When Im a big time band and need a place to shoot my music videos, this is definitely the place Ill be doing it

This is me burning my tie and making our apartment smell like poop. Turns out, silk doesnt burn that well. But that poorly burnt silk represents six months hard work.

I dunno if Ive said this before, but Elder de Vries has a guitar, which is just perfect, because I know someone who plays the guitar. Last P-Day I bought a harmonica from a music store and then we made a holder for it out of a coat hanger. Guess what Im singing in this super cool shot on the Hungarian rooftops?
 This is the really big Catholic church here in Szombathely. Kinda cool.
Uh, this is a water tower. Its not really that important.
This is the Savaria Hotel. Aparently its haunted.
 Good news, I can grow a mustache. This is Elder de Vries and I at distract meeting
Here's some more good music video places. There's some really cool grafitti in this town.
But I promise we really do do missionary work too. Heres a good shot of us trying to talk to everyone. Sometimes its harder than others.
Well, thats pretty much all Ive got for pictures. Szombathely is great. We're trying to work hard and be happy and things like that. Love you all.
Anderson Elder.
Well, my new comp is really great. His name is Elder de Vries and he is from right around Edmonton Alberta. He has a guitar which I already broke a string to (we'll be fixing that today). He works differently than Elder Rae did, which means he does lots of street contacting. Elder Rae and I never really did that, mostly because neither of us were good at it, and we were both afraid of it but Ive been getting better. Elder de Vries really tries hard to follow the Spirit and talk with whoever or go wherever the Spirit directs. Ive been really working at that since we've been here and its been going good. To be continued..
Szombathely is super awesome. Its about twice as big as Pápa was so thats different than before, but I think Im getting the hang of it pretty quick. There is a beautiful big main square that Ill have to photograph later, but I hear that we often table there. Theres also a lot of communistic ten story apartment buildings which Pápa had none of. Basically Im super excited for this transfer cuz its gonna be awesome. Elder de Vries thinks we'll be together until he goes home in August, but we'll just have to see. thats a really long time.

 We did some service in this really cool park last saturday. We didnt save the whales or the baby seals, but we got to wear those awesome yellow helping hands jackets. The people in the group shot in the park are from left to right, Sister Borgstrom, Sister Naegle, Szabó Laci, Kövi Endre, György Lucia, Mátyás Joci, Szűr Szabolcs and his little boy, Elder myself, Elder Rae,  Dani and Sister Maxfield.