Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Okay, so a few weeks ago we found these two signs in a park on this one side of town. We thought that they were super cool, but we didn't even know that half of it. People tell us all the time about how Hungary lost x amount of its land and x amount of its people after World War 2 but this park really helped us see it in perspective. For example...

This is the rest of the park. I dunno if you can see, but it has a little path that goes all the way around the park, but its really weird. It winds around a lot and we thought that was really odd because we didn't know what it meant. Well, turns out, the path represents the boarders of old Hungary and every one of those trees are planted to represent cities that are now in Hungary and other countries. There are 5 little posts around there with the Hungarian flag on them that shows how much of Hungary belongs to someone else. I don't know if you can understand it even yet from these pictures, but it was a really cool park.
this guy is up on this raised part of the park, looking out over the area marked off as Hungary. Super cool.

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