Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We are getting ready for another transfer coming up in a few weeks. My companion is fairly confident that he's leaving and I'll be sort of taking charge (as the junior companion obviously) of the work here in Pápa with a new comp. I guess I feel alright about that. It'll be good to have a new comp, because we can change things around that haven't been working without too much difficulty. Also, hopefully we'll have a new baptism the weekend right before we're transferred. Cross your fingers and maybe keep Varga Ferenc in your prayers. Another cool thing about transfers, is that it's the same day as Elder Johnson's 3/4 mark. So we're totally gonna burn his pants somewhere. I think Im looking forward to it more than he is.

I don't really know what to say about it out here. The sun is shining and the tank is clean. Serious, though, the weather out here is so awesome. It rains every so often, but its been in the high 10s (centigrade of course) for like the whole week. It's so nice. I cant even be mad. We've been doing a lot of tracting, and that's super fun. I think its easier to talk to people and say things in Hungarian than in English, because it doesn't mean the same thing to me because its not my native language. That's particularly handy in Law of Chastity lessons. We had to have a really nice one of those this week. 

I've been learning a bit about the Savior this week from the scriptures and Jesus the Christ and I found 2 characteristics that I want to work on in my own life. Christ was both fearless and doubtless. He never was afraid of anything because fear is a way that we as people use to put our own needs and insecurities above those of others. Jesus never did that. Also, he never doubted that He was the Son of God and all of what that meant to him and everyone. When he was tempted by Satan, it didn't even phase him because he knew so undoubtfully who he was and how much he is loved. If we all became a little more fearless and doubtless, work would get done. What would be in our way of accomplishing anything? The answer to my rhetorical question is nothing. I'm gonna work on that this week.

The church is true. Word.

Anderson Elder.

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