Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Americaország,

Sorry I haven't had time really for a real email in the last couple weeks. Not a lot has really happened other than I got a new companion. He's pretty cool though. I kinda miss Elder Johnson, but not really enough to make me lose too much sleep over it. Elder Rae is my new comp's name and he is from Missouri. That was kinda cool cuy I grew up in the midwest just like him. Also, his birthday is October 21st and he knows how to play pinochle. We probably knew each other back in the day. Ya know, the pre-eath days. 

We have worked quite a bit this week. Elder Rae got a fire started underneath him called if our investigators aren't really progressing, we are going to be very kind, loving and straightforward with them and that sometimes means we stop meeting with them. That's okay though. I'm proud of him and hope that one day I have to language capability and courage to be just like him. However, the main problem with that is that we don't teach very many programs and instead tract a lot. We tracted our brains off this week. However, I feel good about it, and we are gonna start getting some serious good stuff done here in small town Magyarország. 

Sister Scherrer, the senior sister here in Pápa, got a new companion and here name is Sister Borgstrom. She is the greenie-fire-est old lady I've ever met. She just wants to go and go and go and make everything in Hungary like the Salt Lake City 513th ward. There is a happy medium, but she is really helping us get a lot of good things done. In a couple weeks we are going to have a sort of branch party meeting thing where we talk to people about what we would like them to do as missionaries and churchmembers and the like. Also, we are going to have a pretty good dinner with them. Hopefully we can light a few more fires and help the branch really take off.

Conference is next week, and I don't know what to think about it yet. Here, it starts at like 6 at night for the Saturday morning session, the evening priesthood sessions are recorded and watched Sunday morning, and then we get to see the Sunday morning one live Sunday evening and have to wait for the Liahona to come out to hear about the Sunday afternoon session. We get to go to all 4 of those sessions (if the branch's internet ever gets up and running again) which will be a great opportunity to invite investigators and the like, but my Hungarian isn't quite at a level yet that I could really understand what would be going on. It might be a long eight hours this weekend. Count your blessings, America.

That's about all that I know this week. I pray for everybody back home, and am grateful for all of your prayers for me and the rest of the people you pray for. I hope everything is going really well and would love to hear from anybody and everybody. I'll do my best to get back to you.

Your magyar misszionárius,

Anderson Elder.

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