Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

These are a couple pictures from recently. The first one (#baptismselfie) and last three are from Netti's baptism from this weekend. Zsolt baptized her and he was super nervous. Hes only been a member since last December and had never baptized anyone before. What a stud.

The second picture is of a buffalo. A real live buffalo in Europe. Can you believe it? Turns out thats a thing and they really have them here.

The next two pictures are of me, Elder Ekstrom, Zsolt and Panni néni. Shes the sweetest little old lady that ever there was. She was baptized by Elder Walker, who is Christina Walker's brother. Small world, right?
The next two are of Elder Ekstrom and I at this dinky little park. We took a break from tracting to have some fun on the teeter totter.

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  1. Awesome mission! Please keep posting updates,