Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear The United States,

This week was kinda rough, on accounta Elder Rae and I were sick. We thought we were going to die once or twice, but we're okay now. Sister Scherrer is the mission nurse so she gave us drugs and we feel really good now. 

We tracted into this really nice lady. We said we were doing a survey and she invited us right in, told us to sit down and gave us something to drink, which is all pretty Hungarian. After we were done with our survey, she thought we were pretty great and gave us like a whole meals worth of vegetables and fresh kolbász, said we could come back next week, said she has a Book of Mormon that she recieved years ago that shed love to read and said she has a friend that would be interested in talking with us too. We walked out of that house and didnt know what happened. It was like someone accidently put someone from south america in a Hungarian house here in Pápa. We'll see if she is actually interested in the church, but at the very least I hope she keeps giving us food.

Right now we're emailing in the pub again and its kinda fun. Theres a drunk guy in the next room shouting about Jews and Communism and other political things (there was a big election yesterday). Who could be mad about the crazy Hungarian bácsis?

Conference was really good and I hope you all enjoyed understanding what was going on for like ten hours. It was kinda cool to watch the morning sessions and think about how all of you were watching it too, though. After my companion told me what was said, I decided I liked Elder Hollands talk on Saturday morning, President Uchtdorfs talk some other time and pretty much most of the other ones. Elder Uchtdorfs reminded me of this thing that an elder in my district said that other day about why we ask God to bless our meals. It was an interesting thought, and as far as we know, theres no doctrinal support for it. Basically, the point is to be thankful and acknowledge how everything we get is from God. 

SInce I'm in the sketchy pub, I'm not gonna send any pictures but thats okay cuz i dont really have very many, I'll take more and send them next week hopefully.

Sok szeretettel,

Anderson Elder.

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