Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Draga családom és barátaim,

I hope New Years was awesome for everyone. Mine was pretty legit. I got to study all day and go to bed at 10:30. Thats what I'm talkin about. 

There were some pretty cool things that happened this week. Most significantly, we started whats called Consecration Week. I don't know how many of you know what that is or have heard of it or whatever. I know I just barely found out about it in the MTC. But towards the end of your MTC stay, some of the missionaries set apart an entire week to be more like Christ and prepare for the field. The most common thing that missionaries do is speak their language all week. When we started studying it, though, we learned that there was a lot more to consecrating our lives than just speaking Hungarian for 7 days. We all set some goals to help us forget our own selfish needs (like letters all week and missionary inappropriate music) and become better missionaries. We are also studying a Christlike attribute from Chapter 6 of PMG every day. Keep me in your prayers because this is going to be pretty tough.

Also, we got a new Sister in our district this week. Her name is Dinehart Nővér and she was in the MTC in May and then went home and is now coming to Hungary with us. Kinda cool. Hopefully she can keep us all focused and help us be better missionaries.

Last week I wrote about two real life investigator actors named Nick and Gabby. This week, Heilein Elder and I got to teach Nick (for some reason Gabby isnt meeting with us). The first time we met, it was the oddest experience Ive ever had at the MTC. I assumed that since he was an actor, that Nick would act like some guy we met on the street had never heard anything about the Church. Instead, he acted like an investigator who spends all of his time at the MTC and talks to missionaries every day. We had no idea how to teach him because he already basically knew everything that we had prepared to teach him so our first lesson, all we could do was bear testimony. However, our second lesson, we learned that he has been investigating a lot of churches and has narrowed it down to basically Mormonism and Hinduism, which, aside from being really cool, is pretty fun, for lack of a better word. Its really fun to talk to him because we mostly listen to the things he has to say and try to focus all his thoughts on the gospel. However, its hard because he doesnt understand how we have authority and things kind of like that. Its harder than I make it out to be, but I really enjoy it. Hes a cool guy and Im glad Heilein Elder and I talked to him that fateful day last week.

Youre all the best. Missionary work is awesome. The church is true. Hungarian is hard.

Sok szeretettel,

Anderson Elder.

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