Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sok szeretettel köszöntelek benneteket,

I'm still in Hungary. Also, I really did send the pictures off so you can for real see a little bit of what Hungary looks like. What bites, is that i cant write a hundreth part of the things that I've experienced. Theres so many people with so many stories and so many other things that we do throughout everyday that theres no way I could write everything. Heres some of my favorite parts though.

In Pápa, the work is a little bit different from what you might think of missionary work as. Pápa is kind of a small town (thirty thousand ish) and the mission has been open here for about 25 years. What that kinda means is that its been tracted out probably a million times. Thats not bad, its just that we don't expect to find a lot of people by knocking on doors. However, the Area Book is full to the brim of people who have been tracted in the past who expressed interest in our message or who have been dropped or whatever else has happened to them. So we spend our days sorting through those records, organizing them by where they live and going to see if they would be interested in speaking with us again. Often, we get rejected but thats no big deal. I'm getting used to it. One day, we didn't talk to a single person after like 5 or 6 hours of this kind of word. It was a bit of a bummer but its super awesome when we find people who want to meet with us. For example, we met this family, the Simon family, who were taught maybe 2 lessons about 6 years ago and they haven't met with missionaries since. Well, now their kids are a little more grown up (they were really small when they first met the elders) and they have a little bit more time to meet with us. We haven't actually taught the whole family an official lesson yet, but we prepared for it like we've never prepared for a lesson before and we feel super good about it. We are going to share The Family proclamation and it turns out, that proclamation is bomb. Every time I think about it i wanna introduce someone to it. So cool. Anyhow, The Simons. They're great.

Also, there is this man named Balázs that we met with a few times. We took a member, who is actually a returned missionary, to this lesson and I don't know what all happened but in the end we set a baptismal date with him. Whoo hoo! He's got a couple things hes gotta work through but we're super excited for him. 

The language is super hard. Usually, I find myself sitting in lessons and just starring at stuff around the room while my companion talks to them. Occasionally he'll do something really mean and ask me to say something. Under normal circumstances, thats whatever. I'm more than happy to bear testimony or whatever else, but sometimes I don't even know whats going on in the conversation so I havent the slightest clue of what to say. Its coming along well though. I feel like a lot of being able to speak and understand Hungarian is just getting used to hearing real Hungarian speakers speak it. Which I do. All the time.

Theres so many awesome things I wanna say, but I just don't have time. Know that Hungary is awesome, missionary work is awesome, the Lord is awesome, and I love you all.

Sok szeretettel,

Anderson Elder.

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